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A game about social distancing & isolation

A 3rd person point and click interactive puzzle about social isolation, in a dystopian world.

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In 2019, we entered the Global Game Jam, and created a game about a man named Wes, who socially isolates himself (by choice) based on the Japanese phenomenon of Hikikomori. 

Little did we know that 2 years later, social isolation would be a reality for many.

Only when Wes is cut off when all transmissions i.e. internet shuts down, does he step out of his house. 

Upon leaving, he realizes that he wasn’t the only one with this existence and many others had also isolate themselves.

Unsocial is a remake of this short game, with new gameplay elements and storyline.

Choices Based Gameplay

Writing / feeling based choices What to write in the journal?

Audio-based choices   What are you hearing?

Solve Mini Puzzles 

Available on APRIL 2021

iOS and Android