A game about loneliness and Human Disconnect


This was an entry for the Global Game Jam 2018, where the theme was "Transmission".

Unsocial is a game about a lonely character just going through the motions of life. He feels disconnect and solitude due to the overwhelm of transmissions all around us, and has closed himself up in the house.

It is a point and click interaction game, and is very short (well, it was made in 48 hours)

The game touches slightly on technology addiction and a seemingly disconnected "social" generation. 

You can watch this 7 minute gameplay video below or download it below at itch and play for yourself.

Assets were bought from Unity Asset Store.

Music: Sad Cyclops by Podington Bear

TYPE: Point and Click Interactive fiction

GAME ENGINE: Unity 3D , Adventure Creator

Global Game Jam 2018
Global Game Jam 2018
Global Game Jam 2018
Global Game Jam 2018