Speaking engagements

I think talking about your challenges and how you overcame them is so important. This is not the time to guard secrets but to share wisdom, so that we collectively rise up as a generation. 

Saba Saleem Warsi, Founder & CEO


SABA Loves to talk about the following topics

FEmale entrepreneurship

I love talking about females running the show, as I'm one of them. It's empowering and inspiring!

The gaming business

The video game development  industry is almost non-existent in Bahrain and the region and it's great to shed light on how it can help us become a knowledge economy 

Women in tech

Women always bring a fresh perspective to any sector or industry and this is especially true for technology driven businesses

social impact businesses

Business in not separate from impact and this is not just limited to a CSR initiative. I love to present my take on any business creating positive change.