Managers, Hire a Gamer as your New Employee! Why Gamers Make The Best Employees!

So, I'm going to use my 10 year management experience, of leading teams, training and coaching and combine it with my gamer persona to tell you about this theory.

In my experience as a manager who has hired (and fired) quite a lot of people in my career, here is a surprising trend I came across.

Employees who play video games seem to make great employees! More than once I discovered that a great performing team member has experience in ... guess what... playing lots and lots of video games.

So I decided to make my case for it, and tell you the top 4 reasons that gamers contribute positively to the workforce, and how to best manage these wonderful assets.

Enjoy this light-hearted take from a gamer and a leader's perspective.

1. Gamers take directions really well and get things done!

As a video gamer, I've grown up taking commands, directions, objective prompts and missions from a host of different NPC's (Non playable Characters), or just the computer. This has conditioned me to look for the "mission" or "objective". So let me assure you, when I'm given a task at work, it gets done. And I don't need to ask you twice about its specifics. That's what I've been training for all my life.

How to manage this skill: Well, start with sentences like, "I have a mission for you", or "Here's what I need you to do..." or "Your objective is...". The familiarity of these phrases seem to spring up subconscious behaviours of optimum performance in us. Use these well. Also, make sure to break down these missions into sub-missions for optimum effect.

2. Gamers pick up new skills really fast!

Do you need to teach your employee a new software? A new program? A CRM? Well, we were born for this. We have learned how to drive cars, pilot flying vehicles, learn and memorize extremely complicated fighting combos using complex combinations of pressed buttons, and so much more. Our brains have been trained to pick up new learnings and skills with great ease. So when someone in an interview says to you, "I'm a really fast learner", maybe you could ask them if they play video games to check if that statement is really true.

How to manage this skill: Don't give them a presentation or theory, let your gamer employee get his/her hands dirty, by trying out this new skill. We seem to learn well by doing things.

3. Gamers are team players!

Look, we have experience in running day long multi-player team campaigns. We have experience in teaming up with NPC's and playing on our strengths with others to get the mission done. We know that we need our warriors, our mages, our healers, and that everyone on the team has a responsibility and we win when we work together. Teamwork is a very common concept for us. And we all know how important teamwork is in the workplace. Gamers make amazing team players.

How to manage this skill: When assigning a team on a project, make sure to remind them of their strengths and role in the project, and how it's contributing to the bigger picture. You will have great team chemistry this way.

4. Gamers are not afraid of failure!

We have died, been shot at, eaten by zombies, fell into ditches, and torn to pieces many, many times. And we know the importance of learning from our failures and trying again. Of course, we do understand that there are no reset buttons, but we have an inbuilt resiliency of getting back up right after falling. And resiliency is good to have in the workplace. If you want employees that aren't crushed if they don't hit a target or finish a project, and want a team that keeps going with enthusiasm even in the face of failure, then hire a gamer.

How to manage this skill: Just ask them, would you like to "Try again?"

So I hope you enjoyed this little article, and are considering hiring a gamer for your next available position.

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