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I'm Crowdfunding "Musa" and I Need Your Support!

Dear friend,

For the past few months you may have seen and followed my progress on my game development studio and my video game "Musa- a brother's story" which is about two refugee brothers. You may have seen my celebrations and triumphs but there is a very important challenge that I must share with you and that is funding.

"Musa" is still not funded and I am having a very hard time doing it all on my own in my spare time after work. Video game creation is very new to this region and investors are afraid to take the leap with me.

But you know me. And you know that I have taken it on to finish this game and make it a success.

So I have decided to turn to the masses. To people like you. People who believe in this cause and have always been there in my support liking my posts and encouraging me with your kind words.

And now I need more than that. Just a little more.

I am going to start a crowdfunding campaign on Sunday, the 6th of May 2018 on the popular website, Indiegogo. And I need your contribution starting with as little as $10 on the very first day!

That's literally the price of a Starbucks coffee and croissant to you. But it will make a huge difference to me and my campaign.

I am raising this money so I can quit my job and work on Musa full time and develop this game to give back to the refugee cause. If you can contribute more, then please do, but can I ask for your commitment in contributing at least $10 on the first day of our campaign?

You may be wondering why I'm stressing that you contribute on the first day. That is because of the popularity algorithm.

A campaign that raises at least 30% of its target within the first 48 hours is more likely to complete its goal. What this means is that strangers will contribute to this cause once my friends and family are on board. The earliest contributions can bump our campaign as "popular" on indiegogo and more people will be able to see it.

So yes, your little bit helps! A lot!

I will stay in touch to let you know more about the campaign throughout the week.

So again, I ask you, can I count on you to commit to pledging at least $10 for our campaign? Just respond with a simple "I'm in" so that I know.

And register your interest here.

Looking forward to your support,

Saba Saleem Warsi

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