Can a Video Game Save a Life?

If you ask me, yes!

But that's not a question I am asking. That was the title of a Tedx Talk by a man that I have just recently discovered who truly resonates with my thoughts on video games, and that I truly admire.

Johnny Chiodni (kee-od-nee), does a show on Eurogamer YouTube channel called "Low Batteries", where he talks about video games and mental health, either how games help with grief, anxiety or other issues, or how mental health is depicted in video games.

Having created an award winning mini-game with a close team of friends at a game jam about depression, I questioned myself on how genuine I made my gameplay and how I depicted a sensitive mental and physical condition. (You can download and play "Hope-ful" for FREE here)

Well, I watched his very interesting TedX talk on the same topic and I wanted to share it with all of you, as well.

And once you're done, I want to know, what do you think about the link between video games and mental health? What do you think about depiction of sensitive topics in video games? Let me know.

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