Why I Want to Create Video Games #2


In my last post, I shared my history with video games, that it was an outlet, an escape for me, and how wanted to do that for someone else. 

But besides my history, I also have a firm BELIEF that video games are more than just "games". Here are 2 more reasons why I want to create video games.

1. An Art Form

Nobody questions painters, writers, graphic designers, or photographers on why they want to create art. As human beings, one of our innate desires, I believe, is to create. Something. Anything. I have told people that video games are art, and they have looked at me weird. What I don't understand is, how people can think that video games are not art. It has design, story, music, visuals, and a whole other level of interaction. I think video games are the ultimate art. 

I have always been an artist, in some form or another and I want to bring all my artistic abilities together to create this true form of art.

If you still don't believe that video games are art, then check out games like Journey, flower, Okami. Not only do these games have unique and creative gameplay, but they are all just BEAUTIFUL!

2. Re-sensitizing ability and impact

Okay, this may be a controversial one. Where most people believe that playing video games have a negative effect on behaviour, and de-sensitizing players to violence, and extreme behaviour, and in some cases even committing crimes under the influence of video games, there are a ton of other physical as well as mental pros to playing.  I will not go into all the details of how video games improve hand-eye coordination, how they can provide a mental escape, how they improve your critical thinking etc.

I want to focus on just one benefit, the power of re-sensitizing humans to the human condition, emotion and empathy. Let me explain. What happens when you hear or read something in the news about thousands or tens of thousands of people affected by some form of calamity? You feel something but to what degree?

Let's take the Tsunami of 2004 in Thailand for example. When we saw it on the news or heard about it, our heart went out to the people there. Assuming you did not directly know anyone affected, you probably donated some money to the relief funds, sighed at the disaster, and then went on with your life. But if you managed to see the movie "The impossible", which was about a family caught within this calamity, don't tell me you didn't bawl like a baby. Because we all did. Seeing a disaster from the eyes of people with names, stories and feelings inspires our own human emotions. We tend to react more, not to the scale of a disaster but to the depth of the effect it has on someone's life.

Now imagine even a layer deeper, you get to see things from the eye of the affected. That is the interactive ability of video games. Games that come to mind that have personally affected me and I know have affected other players are:

  • That dragon, cancer (a story following a family with a sick and dying son)

  • Valiant Hearts (A story of 4 lives with incredible human stories intertwined in world war 1, based on actual mail correspondence)

Both above games are not just about telling human stories but also have engaging gameplay. And that is what I want to do. I want to tell human stories, explore the human condition and evoke emotion through my games. I want to create that kind of impact.

That's my purpose.


Check out my game in progress: MUSA- A BROTHER'S STORY

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