Why I Want to Create Video Games #1

Part 1- A Little Dose of History

I have been playing games for as long as I can remember. My first ever console was a no-name brand that used cartridges for games, back in the late 80's. It was a gift from my uncle for the whole family. To this day, it is probably the best gift I have ever received. Not because it was a great fun thing to have, or because it was cool to have one, but because it was a significant moment in my life, a moment that would define who I was to become.

After that, video games became an outlet for me. Everybody needs an outlet, even a 7 year old. I grew up on games. Where everybody else in the family used the console for fun, and passing time, I saw it as an escape. I saw it as me time. I found it both educational, and spiritual. Yes, it may sound crazy, but the immersiveness of gameplay is, to me, very close to transcendence.

I never stopped playing games. When everybody else moved on to different things, I was still playing games. It was in the Early 2000's when I graduated to PC games, and then came a new era, with games like Diablo, and Dungeon Keeper (Still my favorite strategy game)

My first console was the ps2, and believe it or not, it gave meaning to my life. With games closely resembling life, and graphics becoming more and more real, it only increased the immersive-ness. Games like Fatal Frame, Shadow of the colossus, God of War and more, were revolutionary, and I felt even more what games can become. After this, I pre-ordered both ps3 and ps4 when they were released. Yes, I'm a playstation girl.

In all this, I had never once thought about actually making games. I never thought about it. I never even had the slightest idea that one could create games, as an individual or as part of a small team. So fast forward to my late 20's, a marriage later, a stable job as a manager, and a black belt in kickboxing later, I had a life-changing experience.

Gaming had become a much smaller part of my life by then. It was at this very low period of my life (my marriage was breaking apart and almost over), that games came to my rescue once again. While browsing for something to watch to smother my loneliness, I came across a very interesting documentary called Indie Game

I am not sure if I had even heard that term before. To me games were created by the likes of big production companies, like ubisoft, EA and Rockstar games. What was this indie game?

The documentary followed three independent video game developers (Individuals or very small teams), who were creating endearing, unique video games. I was blown away by this! Is it possible for someone to create their own game? It couldn't be. But here it was. The games that these devs were creating did not look like Triple A games, but they had their own story to tell in a unique way. I was sold. I searched for, bought and downloaded many many indie games, including the ones in the documentary.

Indie games were a whole other genre on their own. And the documentary gave me confidence that I could create one too. I had never thought about creating a game before, but I always had stories in my mind, that I thought could only be shared with books, but then I thought to myself, why not video games?

So I did the next most logical thing. I ordered the best laptop I could find to start creating my own video game. I ordered the Alienware M14X. It was my very first bought laptop and I loved it. I'm still using it today (upgrading soon to a kickass PC). I'm writing this post on my alienware at this moment!

Now I do want to end this story, by saying that I got the laptop, starting developing my video game, and lived happily ever after. Well, I'm getting there.

Let's fast forward a few more years, after a marriage breakup, a re-aligning of my life goals, and a new life partner (Husband and best friend) later, my time has come.

Do you believe in the concept of, "There is a right time for everything."

I do. And this is the right time.

You see, while looking for my purpose in life, I see now retrospectively that everything I have done and learned (a little bit of drawing, a little bit of music, a little bit of video making, a lot of story writing ) has been leading me to this!

I am ready to start my journey, and I want to create video games in hopes that my video games are an outlet and an escape for some other little girl (or little boy, or big girl or big boy, or for any gender-neutral, gender-confused individual)

(Stay tuned for one more reason on why I want to create video games)


Check out my game in progress: MUSA- A BROTHER'S STORY

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