A game about overcoming depression
GCC Game Jam Bahrain


Hope-ful was a game we created in 2015 at the GCC GameJam (with another one of our friends). The theme was "Hope" and we created a game about a girl who was trying to overcome depression. It was a platformer. Hope, our main character, had two different states of mind, that also dictated the extent of her abilities.

The game won 3rd place at the jam! Not bad for three people who have no coding, or game dev background, if I say so myself. We had always intented to continue working on hope-ful, but long story short, there was a fallout and that never happened.

You can download and play this at our itch.io page below.

*A game jam is a 48-hour (usually) event/ competition where game developers have to create a fully playable game based on a given theme in just 48 hours!

TYPE: Platformer


GAME ENGINE: Gamemaker: Studio