Current & Past Projects


A game about loneliness and human disconnect.

UNSOCIAL is an official entry for the Global Game Jam 2018, where the theme was "Transmission".

Unsocial is a game about a lonely character just going through the motions of life. He feels disconnect and solitude due to the overwhelm of transmissions all around us, and has closed himself up in the house.

It is a point and click interaction game, and is very short (well, it was made in 48 hours)

The game touches slightly on technology addiction and a seemingly disconnected "social" generation. 

Assets were bought from  Unity Asset Store.

Music: Sad Cyclops by Podington Bear


A game about overcoming depression

Hope-ful was a game we created in 2015 at the GCC GameJam (with another one of our friends, Kristel Yap). The theme was "Hope" and we created a game about a girl who was trying to overcome depression. It was a platformer. Hope, our main character, had two different states of mind, that also dictated the extent of her abilities.

The game won 3rd place at the jam! Not bad for three people who at the time had no coding, or game dev background. We had always intented to continue working on hope-ful, but long story short, there was a fallout and that never happened.

*A game jam is a 48-hour (usually) event/ competition where game developers have to create a fully playable game based on a given theme in just 48 hours!

Being Kiki

A game about self-esteem and confidence

Being Kiki is a game we created in the GCC game jam 2018, under the theme "Fantasy".

Kiki is a girl with low self-esteem that invents a fantasy version of herself to overcome negativity and gain self-confidence. She switches places with her fantasy self when needed.


The game is a 2d sidescroller runner using only two control buttons. The gameplay is based on fast reactions as gamers decide whether to switch between characters or to jump over obstacles when needed. 

This game was made in just 48 hours, and contains all original art and music!


The last of his kind

Oilie was the first ever game that we created (Well, kinda) This was our first attempt at our first game jam with no knowledge of creating games.

The theme was Bahrain vision 2030, which was a very specific strategy of the country's switch from its dependence on oil to other resources/ income streams. (Talk about a boring theme)

Well, we created Oilie, a very glitchy barely playable game, that had a great story! You see, Oilie was the last drop of oil left in the country who was looking for more of his own kind. We had the right idea in mind, but no skills then, so we don't have a playable file for you. But just think about that story for a second.

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