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An Artsy Puzzle Game.

A game about rearranging layers of artwork, taken to the next level. It's so satisfying to put things together!

Play 100‘s of levels of rearranging paper-cut artwork to create the desired image. 


-Categories of art with various levels of difficulty. 

-Art styles ranging from abstract, cityscapes, landscapes, intricate cutwork, and more.

-Difficulty ranging from 5 layers of art up to 20 layers to rearrange and recreate.




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Plastic Pollution Game

"A game about Ocean Plastic Pollution"

A beautiful baby turtle has just hatched and began his first ocean journey.

Can you keep him safe from the plastic pollution?

Be the guardian spirit and get the best distance.
Push away plastic trash from little Torty's path.

- One finger control
- Endless gameplay
- Unlock secrets about plastic pollution
- Challenge Mode
- Get the best distance!
- Unlock more spirit guardians
- ACT in real life against plastic pollution.

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“Fantastic game. The gameplay is fun and intuitive. I love the secret fact finds with relevant information. We live in a time where our world is being destroyed on our own accord. Impact games like these help raise awareness with the things we as humans need to put right.”


— Neil 

Games Created during 2 Days Only! (Hackathons)

Puzzle game about mental illness


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